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Why Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learing And Data Science?

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The Future of Engineering education in india

Engineers have always played a key role in societal development, contributing to and enabling initiatives that drive economic progress, enhancing social and physical infrastructures, inspiring the changes that improve quality of life and bringing about a fundamentaltransformation in the society.

But today, as Industrie 4.0 gains ground, the world is witnessing the development of a few parallel trends including the rapid emergence of ecological constraints, the advent of an increasingly multi-polar international order, and rising inequality, ushering in a new era of globalization13. In this backdrop, the business environment is increasingly characterized by continuous change and growing complexity. The challenges for companies arise not only from the need for flexible technical solutions, but also from managing complex sociotechnical systems, and contribute tangibly to the sustainable development of the economy and the environment.
This implies engineering researchers and graduates with the ability to understand complex technological processes in the context of social, environmental, economic, and global concerns will play a critical role and will be increasingly sought after in the emerging industrial and business worlds.
In this context, it gets essential to understand the future direction of global engineering education and identify the defining trends to support positive educational change and build the next-gen engineering talent in the country.

Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman and Members of AICTE committe for preparing short and medium-term perspective plan for Technical education prepared the document (Refer: ) which is acting as a guiding tool for the future of technical education "This document clearly indicate that Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Data Science are the future of Engineering."


Technology is changing at fast pace. The Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine learning are among the disruptive digital technologies that are poised to grow tremendously in the coming decade. Considering the vast scope of application of these futuristic technologies we have introduced B.Tech. in these high in demand emerging areas.

India's demand for Data Scientists grows over 400%
Data Science: Future Prospects

In a recent survey of The Hindu, it was revealed that a large number of data analytics positions are vacant in india leading to scarcity of skilled professionals. The use of data analytics in almost every industry has contributed to a sharp increase in the total jobs related to data science last year. The growing demand for Data Scientists will give you an idea about the scope of Data Science in India. Here are some major industries with a high demand for data scientists.






AI & ML are the future of Engineering

AI and ML are expected to impact and transform our lives in ways beyond imagination. A report from the world's leading research and advisory company, Gartner depicts that AI/ML is expected to pave the way for close to 2.3 million jobs by the year 2020.
AI professionals trained in the field of Machine Learning are in very high demand. Almost every startup (software-based), as well as a large enterprise, wants to hire skilled Machine Learning professionals.
Major industries with a high demand for AI/ML professionals:

  • Information Technology and Services
  • Computer Software
  • Internet
  • Research
  • Education Management

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Janvi vijay

After completing 12 th , With hundreds of courses and thousands of colleges out there, it is a challenging task to pick and choose. At that moment, I came to know about JIET Institute of Design and Technology, Jodhpur. I chose Machine Learning and Computing branch because it is among the hottest and demanding technologies in the world. The future scope of Machine Learning is extremely high in terms of knowledge , number of job opportunities and salary package. Our Professors encourage their class not only to perform well academically, but also, they are concerned with more than just grades. They want us to develop a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Being college lecturers, they are not much bounded to care about a student so deeply in general, but here, the professors in JIETDAT do. I was able to score good marks in final university exam. The best thing about the my College is being part of a supportive environment, where everyone is focused to help each other and you are encouraged to succeed as individuals.


JIETDAT has been a building block in my life. It has provided me with opportunities to explore my talents. At the same time due to their excellent mentoring, I have been able to improve my skills and give substance to my talent. After 12th, I had locked my mind on becoming a programmer. AI fascinated me and intrigued my interest. After that, I had made up my mind to join JIETDAT. All the branches are of great demand in the current market. They are future proof and provide us with ample job opportunities. In the 1st semester college hosted a countless number of events and activities of which I tried to attend all of them. They give the students exposure and insight into how the real world works. I scored CGPA 8.68 which would not have been possible with the professors that thought me the ins and outs of their subject and the learning environment of the college.

Drishti Arora

I was amazed that JIETDAT took this initiative (technology 4.0) and that too at the very right time when the boom of these technologies is not so far. In my first year I learned some of the pre requisites required to study advance concepts and got to know about our college culture. Being the topper of my class with 9.12 CGPA in my B.Tech I semester I can't thank my teachers enough for guiding me so far in this beautiful journey and giving us their valuable life learnings which not only helps in the scoring well but also in the actual industry. I found that teachers here are well experienced in their respective fields and are very open to discuss about new technologies, startups, projects etc. overall I would say that the environment here and my mentors helped me in streamlining my efforts and making my vision clearer. I'm looking forward to grow by leaps and bounds and to learn the future of technology here at jodhpur only and to make a difference in humanity and the way that things actually works.